We love young people and we love great music which is why we love providing transportation for the Walla Walla Valley Academy Orchestra. As you can imagine, it can be difficult to get a group of over 30 musicians and their instruments from point A to point B for their concerts. We have adequate storage for the larger instruments and plenty of seats so the whole group can travel together.
Under the direction of Benjamin Gish, these talented young people share their musical gifts with not only our local community, but with communities across the state, and even in foreign countries. (Last summer they spent 10 days performing in Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague.)
Recently, we had the pleasure of taking them to the Seattle area where they performed for residents of a nursing home and two different churches.

 However, this trip was not all work and no play. They were given the wonderful opportunity to go to a performance of the Seattle Symphony while they were there. We look forward to going on more trips with them.