After a long bus drive filled with movies, food, and general merriment, the Whitman women’s soccer team arrived at their hotel in Tigard with their sights set on a win for the next day.  Their final game of the season against Willamette was on everyone’s mind.  It was the team’s last chance to prove to the conference that despite a less-than-optimal record, the 2011 Whitman team was a force to be reckoned with.

The next morning dawned rainy and gray, and as the team’s trusty bus driver, Joe, drove them to Willamette, the girls prepared mentally.  The first half was scoreless, with close opportunities for both teams but no goals.  Whitman took the field for the second half very aware that they had a mere 45 minutes left to prove themselves.  And they did.  Whitman took the lead less than two minutes into the half and dominated the whole half, resulting in a final score of 4-1 in Whitman’s favor.  Senior Captain Libby Watkins said, “This win was the perfect note to end our season on, and for the seven seniors, the perfect way to end our soccer careers.”  On the bus ride home, the team couldn’t help but hold their heads high and feel proud of their accomplishments.

   The Whitman women had an unforgettable weekend and thanks Dream Ride Charters (and Joe) for a great and safe season!